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Welcome to Kinections Inc.


Whether you are a patient seeking a hands-on approach to healing, or a medical professional seeking a hands-on approach to education, Kinections Inc. offers a broad array of solutions to meet your needs.

Treatment Center (Patients)

The Kinections Inc. Treatment Center is comprised of an experienced and compassionate staff dedicated to giving our patients the best in therapeutic care. We meld our expertise and experience with our patients’ own insights to uncover the best route for their physical wellbeing.

Educational Institute (Practitioners)

The Kinections Inc. Educational Institute strives to improve the health and wellbeing of their patients by utilizing current scientific research and applying it to clinical problem solving. Our philosophies are based on current and past research in order to provide a valid rationale as to why we think our treatment methods will be successful. Our goal is to teach the science of these therapeutic methods by accurately determining and assessing somatic dysfunctions and then applying specifically directed techniques.

Lino Cedros, A.T.C., O.M.T., C.A.M.T.C.

Co-Founder and Lead Therapist

Lino Cedros is an exceptional Certified Athletic Trainer with honed, incisive expertise who has invested nearly 32 years in caring for people, while continuously learning better ways to do so. Learn more…

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding an appointment or class. We look forward to hearing from you!