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Treatment Center

Treatment Center

At Kinections Inc., we serve an array of patients aiming to relieve pain, improve body movement and function, and enhance a patient’s sense of wellbeing.

We approach patient care by considering the study of embryology, which is the branch of biology that deals with the formation, early growth, and development of the body’s parts. Keeping embryology in mind helps us determine proper treatment when we consider its developmental integration into various systems within the body, such as the musculoskeletal, endocrine, gastroenterology/gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, immunology, neurology, reproductive, and pulmonary systems. Osteopathic-based techniques are employed for specific, targeted treatment.

Our patients include professional and amateur athletes, musicians, chronic pain sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers, cancer patients, children, and more.

Athletes and musicians who come to Kinections Inc. can benefit from an expert biomechanical assessment. Biomechanical assessments are a great way to prevent injuries from occurring. ‍‍‍

Kinections Inc.’s Certified Athletic Trainer, Lino Cedros, believes that specific injuries can often be treated without having to completely change your workout routine. In fact, Lino specializes in “hard to treat” injuries, and believes in keeping athletes functional throughout rehabilitation by not completely pulling them from the sport (depending on the circumstances and the injury). Musicians benefit from Lino’s expertise by learning how to improve their techniques and prevent injury.