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Treatment Center



Get help with an injury without having to completely change your workout.

Kinections Inc.’s Certified Athletic Trainer, Lino Cedros, believes that specific injuries can often be treated without having to completely change your workout routine. In fact, Lino specializes in “hard to treat” injuries, and believes in keeping athletes functional throughout rehabilitation by not completely pulling them from their sport (depending on the circumstances and the injury).

Athletes and Musicians: Improve your swing, your stroke, your stride, or your technique with an expert biomechanical assessment.

Athletes at every level, from elementary school to professional-level sports, can benefit from an outside perspective. Athletic coaches and amateur athletes alike often rely on Lino to provide a sports-specific biomechanical assessment that objectively examines specific movement patterns in the context of their sport.

Most athletic trainers can spot a problem in the way an athlete is moving, but Lino is renowned for his ability to assess the biomechanical reason for the dysfunction, and address realistic strategies for improvement.

Biomechanical assessments are also a great way to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Professional musicians have also benefited from Lino’s expertise by learning how to improve their technique and prevent repetitive injuries.